When I leave the truck with my faithful hounds I don't know where I am going.

I have no plan, I have no idea where we may end up.  We may walk for miles or we may only walk a short distance.

I know during the time we spend together, whether it's several miles or just a short distance, we find peace.  We create a bond with one another.  There's no better joy than roaming through the mountains with your faithful friends.

If I didn't have my hounds I would be lost, I wouldn't know who I was or where I belong in life.  All I know is the view at the end result is rewarding and gives you a feeling of peace.  It's not about the kill for me, it's about the enjoyment and excitement that I see on my hounds' faces.  They give you their whole heart and determination.  And they love to do it!

So this is why I am here: to remind you that you can leave that animal alive and still find enjoyment in the hunt. You don't have to have a trophy to put on the wall or to show off to your buddies to remind you of the hunt. Take a picture, praise your faithful hound up for a job well done, thank your prey for the chase and walk away. You will find more enjoyment and remember that hunt, and every other hunt, every time you look at your faithful hound. 



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