About Us

It's a Lifestyle...

We are a small, family owned, business located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Here's our story.

Where do we start?

After moving from South Carolina to Virginia we hit a crossroads and had to decide if we wanted to continue with our previous business or go in a new direction.  We loved our previous business and it has brought us much joy and frustration (thank you 2020) but also brought us many friends along the way.  After much consideration we decided to move away from our previous business. 

But what direction? 

Well, we don't know. 

Hence, Unknown Direction Outdoors.

What is Unknown Direction?

unknown (adj)

  • not known, understood or recognized
  • not established, identified or discovered
  • not famous, undistinguished
Our business is based on our love of the outdoors.  We love to explore the undiscovered, what we do isn't understood by all and we are simple, humble folk.  We are Unknown.

Our Mission

No matter if you like to hike, hunt, fish or just love being outside.  One thing our family takes a lot of pride in is our products.

We strive to bring you quality products and brands that support your time in the outdoors.  Every design on our apparel has a significance to our family.  Not only will you see our dogs reflected in our artwork and images scattered throughout the site, but you will also see our lifestyle.

Thank you for supporting us!

Josh, Jackie and Joshua

Lady, Autumn and Rosie